Crafts with Corks

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Have old cork coasters lying about? Well, save those corks because we’ve found 10 more innovative ways to use them all around your property.

  1. Cork Magnets

Cut corks in half lengthwise and them apply adhesive on each magnet strip. Press firmly on the flat side. And that is all.

  1. Drawer Knobs

Remove present drawer knobs and replace them with your pointed screws. Hold a screw in place with a screwdriver. Next, firmly press a champagne cork against the twist and twist in a clockwise motion. Do the same for all of the drawers. Your drawer knobs are ready.

  1. Planters

You’ll need to collect some potting soil, a puncher, paring knife, magnets and tiny succulents. Cut a hollow shape in the center of each cork. Attach magnets into each cork by pushing hard. Next, fill the hollow hole with dirt and then place a tiny succulent inside every one.

  1. Jewelry Frame

On the lookout for ways to organize your bat exclusion cost neatly? Paint it. Cut out corks in long circular dimensions and fuse into the frame. If you wish to personalize it a little more, you can wrap the corks in your favorite fabric.

  1. Pinboard

Apply the tape to the corks and proceed to create stripes. Next, arrange tiles in a pattern and then start painting.

  1. Mouse pad

All you have to do is cut cork to size then bond them together on top of a piece of thick silk paper. It’s far better to keep it simple but you can design any form you wish.

  1. Cork Wall

Have you been looking for ways to liven up your kitchen? Is your kitchen backsplash too regular? Well no more. All you need is a piece of wood cut to the exact size of the area you would like to cover up. Next, begin massaging half-cut corks onto piece of wood until every inch is covered. You can opt to either attempt a pattern layout or just fasten them in a row formation. When the wood is completely coated, attach it to the wall and voila!

  1. Pencil Holder

You’ll need a power drill, cork trivets, and glue. Stick trivets on top of each other and press firmly. Next, with your drill bit, drill holes out and fill each hole with a writing apparatus.

  1. Stool

You’ll require a LOT of wine and champagne corks. All you’ve got to do is simply gather all your corks and enclose them in a breathable and durable mesh fabric.

  1. Cork Stamps

Why not make cute and unique stamps with your corks? All you’ll need is a good knife, a sharpie and a bunch of corks. Then draw whatever style you want and then simply cut around it and slowly chip away any extra wood. Use ink and fill in your designs and voila!

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